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Lee House
Lee HouseManaging Director / Founder
Currently Lee is the VP Business Development and Entrepreneur in Residence at the Edinburgh Research & Innovation Center. Recently, Lee was the GM of GE Wireless  (General Electric), where he led the transformation a traditional SCADA business into a new end-to-end, edge-connectivity-to-SaaS solutions / Internet of Things (IoT) business. Lee “grew up” at IBM, developing networking products, ranging from NICs, hubs, switches and routers, to big-iron gateways and remote access solutions.  At 3Com, Lee led the U.S.Robotics Sportster Modem brand in the hey-day of the internet explosion.  Lee has led multiple “wins” as a Silicon Valley operating executive in general management, product chief and CTO roles at Jetstream, Ditech Networks, GarretCom, Belden and Net Optics . Lee is experienced in M&A, and an expert in “turn-around” / “turn-up” activities.
Lee has a passion for taking a holistic view of a business and helping leadership teams optimize their “Product-Market Fit”, using ALL of their resources to build a competitive edge, establish real differentiation and heighten value delivery. Lee uses “classical” and Agile methods, and a collaboration / innovation / execution approach to help Juxtology clients win in their markets. Lee is a strong believer in using new technologies as a edge, and has expertise in end-to-end systems and IoT, product design and channel expansion.
A prototypical engagement process would include:

Collaborative assessment of current state versus desired state:

  • Company current core competencies and market focus
  • Product / Solutions versus the competitive environment
  • Cross functional execution versus best in class practices

Strategic planning and execution plan for future state achievement:

  • Prioritization of what matters most to accelerate success
  • Product / Market Fit cross functional workshops and KPIs
  • Business transformation with new technology, partners and channels
Juxtology Internet of Things  consulting is tailored to the needs of service providers working to expand their markets or to business operations looking for breakthrough performance or product manufacturers that want to expand the value that they deliver to their customers:

  • IoT economic value-add and competitive position assessment
  • Cross functional engagement to validate the strategy for value delivery
  • End-to-end vision, fast prototyping and architecture for deployment
  • Services to assist customers in IoT execution to minimize time to value

Juxtology Business Enhancement Services

  • Business critical “turn-arounds” and follow-on business “turn-ups”
  • Strategic planning tuned to your market with classic and Agile methods
  • Cross functional workshops for insight, buy-in and breakthrough thinking
  • No charge Discovery Consultations for qualified engagements
product market fit 2
  • Find your Product Market Fit with fast innovation, execution and validation
  • Understand product impact across industries, customers and regions
  • Use historical data with market data to focus roadmap priorities
  • No charge Discovery Consultations for qualified engagements
iot gages 2
  • Discover how IoT can give your business a new competitive edge 
  • Build new smart products or execution with smart IoT field operations
  • Build IoT system prototypes fast and move on to deploy systems that work. 
  • No charge Discovery Consultations for qualified engagements

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