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The following presentations summarize some of the content from Juxtology. The Internet of Things presentations focus on both the economics and technology of this new industry. The Industrial IoT Value Creation presentation discusses the different industries that will see the most IoT value creation and how to create these economic gains. The IoT Platforms and Architecture presentation provides a somewhat detailed summary of a full IoT stack to help in “putting it all together”.

The business execution presentations are designed to use in working with your staff to guide you towards breakthrough change.  “Supercharge your Business” is a slide deck that will help you to develop an operational framework and help you drive a pace towards creating a best in class execution and innovation culture.  The “Strategy Development” slide deck outlines many proven strategic planning tools and sets a framework to use these tools in concert to develop winning strategies to focus the efforts of your team.  Whether you have a start-up, growing, or large company, these tools can help you avoid a loss of focus and accelerate your success.


Industrial IoT Value Chain and Value Creation

IoT Platforms and Architecture – Putting it all Together

IoT for Smart Building Value Creation

Supercharge your Business – Get on the Path to Best in Class



Strategy Development for Focus and Breakout Growth