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Industrial IoT and Security Solutions – Root of Trust

In our Industrial IoT work at Juxtology, device security is always top of mind for our customers. And, with the vastly increased risk of connecting industrial assets over consumer devices, this concern is spot on. With industrial IoT connectivity, we create opportunities for huge efficiencies in operations as well as new service capabilities, but we [...]

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CES 2017 – New Insight into IoT Progress

Once again, CES was huge, fun, and a great checkpoint on the penetration of new technologies and innovations into products. Once again, we saw important innovations, some really great products, as well as a few that left us scratching our heads. From smart home appliances, to drones, to gaming, to virtual reality, to cars, to [...]

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Build your IoT MVP Today

The “Lean Startup” has convinced most of us that a minimum viable product, or MVP, is a great path to understand the viability and market value of new products and innovations. An MVP is intended to be a “low resolution” prototype that has just enough functionality to show your customer, and yourself, what the product [...]

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“Little Data” Analytics and Big Business Payoff

Big Data management and Advanced Analytics are at the center of a productivity transformation with real benefit across our economy. This new data science should transform our ability to improve forecasts, prioritize investments, boost productivity, extend the life of capital assets, find ways to better satisfy our customers and even improve our overall quality of [...]

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Engine For Breakout Growth

No matter how much we may want to focus and simplify business transformation tactics, leading teams to new levels of success is a multi-dimensional effort. Winning in your market requires a clear knowledge of the market, a solid vision for success and a strategy to create meaningful differentiation for your business platform. You and your [...]

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WiFi HaLow / 802.11ah Splash at 2016 CES

IoT was in the spotlight at CES, and that was really fun to see. But while we are rolling out some great IoT platforms now, we still have a lot of work to do to simplify solutions for mass deployment. One part still in flux is in the LPWAN, or Low Power Wide Area Network. LPWAN is [...]

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Internet of Things Advances at CES 2016

CES was amazing this year.  There were great advances all around, but clearly this was a huge year for the Internet of Things (IoT). Device and platform intelligence and interconnectivity was the norm and the systems/connected life nature of new product offerings is being framed as a core piece of the value proposition across many consumer [...]

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PTC Continues to Build Momentum in IoT

PTC is showing impressive momentum and continues to build a great IoT portfolio with the announced acquisition of Kepware. The collected acquisitions of ThingWorx, ColdLight, Axeda, and now Kepware, flesh out a very nice set of functionality.  PTC is establishing a great IoT portfolio with solid footing where a lot of the early IoT money is likely [...]

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A Visit to the Stanford D-School

Last Friday Juxtology took a trip to the Stanford Institute of Design, known there as  ”the D-School”.  We had heard great things about what they were doing and wanted to see for ourselves by taking the weekly tour. We were joined by some 20 or so other interested individuals – professionals and students – with [...]

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Hitting on all Cylinders

Some time back, while driving a business turn-around, I had an “Aha! moment” worth sharing.  Having had the opportunity to form a new executive team as a part of the turn-around effort, each function of the organization had new energy, new focus, and, of course, new leadership. And, with a new team, there was a [...]

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