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Connect Your Assets

Build Applications

Create New Value

Discover IoT End-to-End Workflow Automation

- Connect Things to Sensors
- Sensors to Triggers
- Triggers to Intelligence
- Intelligence to Process
- Process to Automation, Learning and Insight

The Industrial Internet of Things is ...

Find Your IoT Value Creation Solution for ...

Asset Optimization

Work Simplification

Process Automation

Create Top and Bottom-line Business Growth

Fast IoT Prototyping for ...
- Asset Performance Management
- Smart Buildings and Smart Cities
- Connected Mobile Workforce
- Work Simplification
- Energy and Green Initiatives

The Industrial Internet of Things is ...

Unify Business, Technology
and Operations with ...

Smart Systems

Process Automation

Work Simplification

Juxtology Workshops

Quantify IoT potential Strategic Impact and ROI

Identify new Services, Applications and Automation

Prioritize IoT Implementation by Impact AND Cost

Develop fast prototyping plan to validate IoT Solutions

Juxtology delivers Industrial IoT solutions and business differentiation

With large enterprise to start-up experience, we combine agility, innovation and speed with the ability to deploy reliable solutions that hit the mark. Our Industrial IoT services accelerate device manufacturers, service providers, and end-users to create IoT value:

– Assess: What IoT solutions will enable impactful differentiation and profit.
– Accelerate: IoT and Digital Transformation projects that deliver results.
– Manage and Implement: With our IoT platforms and partner network.

  • Are you ready for the Smart Device and IoT revolution?
  • Does your product strategy deliver real differentiation?
  • Are you using Agile methods to deliver fast innovation?
  • Do you have the operating cohesion that you need?
  • Juxtology can jump-start change in all of these areas

IoT Innovation

Always-on, Always-Smart, Innovation and Automation

Start the IoT Journey Now

– Analyze IoT Benefits
– Fast Prototype of Solutions
– Validate IoT Business Value
– Deploy Solutions that Work
– Own the Competitive Edge

Product Differentiation

Bring your customers solutions that deliver lasting value

Customer Focused Agility

– Genius through Collaboration
– Lean Startup Mentality
– Customer Validation
– Ecosystems and Partnerships
– Agile Development Methods

Business Agility

Retool your business for greater impact

Accelerate Growth

– “Whole-business” Strategy
– Bind KPI’s to Business Goals
– Performance Driven Culture
– Data Driven Analytics
– Greater Market Impact

Connect, control, manage, and optimize with IoT solutions. IoT transforms products, services and operations possibilities.

Create a culture of innovation and build a product creation engine to delivers solutions customers need. Build lasting differentiation.

Bring your entire business together with a differentiated strategy and an Agile approach for fast execution. Explore the possibilities.

Juxtology Business Enhancement Services

  • Discover how IoT can give your business a new competitive edge 
  • Build new smart products or execution with smart IoT field operations
  • Build IoT system prototypes fast and move on to deploy systems that work
  • No charge Discovery Consultations for qualified engagements
  • Find your Product Market Fit with fast innovation, execution and validation
  • Understand product impact across industries, customers and regions
  • Use historical data with market data to focus roadmap priorities
  • No charge Discovery Consultations for qualified engagements
  • Business critical “turn-arounds” and follow-on business “turn-ups”
  • Strategic planning tuned to your market with classic and Agile methods
  • Cross functional workshops for insight, buy-in and breakthrough thinking
  • No charge Discovery Consultations for qualified engagements

Juxtology Articles and Whitepapers

Internet of Things Advances at CES 2016

CES was amazing this year.  There were great advances all around, but clearly this was a huge year for the Internet of Things (IoT). Device and platform intelligence and interconnectivity was the norm and the systems/connected life nature of new product offerings is being framed as a core piece of the value proposition across many consumer product segments.  From home appliances [...]

By | January 29th, 2016|Categories: Biz Blog|0 Comments

PTC Continues to Build Momentum in IoT

PTC is showing impressive momentum and continues to build a great IoT portfolio with the announced acquisition of Kepware. The collected acquisitions of ThingWorx, ColdLight, Axeda, and now Kepware, flesh out a very nice set of functionality.  PTC is establishing a great IoT portfolio with solid footing where a lot of the early IoT money is likely to be spent – Industrial [...]

By | January 29th, 2016|Categories: Biz Blog|0 Comments

A Visit to the Stanford D-School

Last Friday Juxtology took a trip to the Stanford Institute of Design, known there as  ”the D-School”.  We had heard great things about what they were doing and wanted to see for ourselves by taking the weekly tour. We were joined by some 20 or so other interested individuals – professionals and students – with backgrounds ranging from biology to [...]

By | March 12th, 2014|Categories: Biz Blog|0 Comments

The WebRTC Revolution is on the Way

While it is still a little tricky for normal humans to use, WebRTC interoperability between Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome has been demonstrated – and it has some pretty amazing capabilities.  Audio / Video conferencing, chat, multi-person conferences, and even screen, application sharing and even encryption!  While OTT companies like Skype have been offering similar proprietary solutions for some time, [...]

By | April 25th, 2013|Categories: Tech Blog|0 Comments

SDN Panel Discussion at CCICE

Leveraging the fact that there were so many SND companies, principals and experts in the Bay Area this week, CCICE sponsored a Software Defined Networking panel discussion last night at the TechLAB Innovation Center in Santa Clara. The personalities on the panel made for an interesting set of perspectives, as participants ranged from start-up principals, to incumbent networking providers (Cisco), [...]

By | April 21st, 2013|Categories: Tech Blog|1 Comment

Hitting on all Cylinders

Some time back, while driving a business turn-around, I had an “Aha! moment” worth sharing.  Having had the opportunity to form a new executive team as a part of the turn-around effort, each function of the organization had new energy, new focus, and, of course, new leadership. And, with a new team, there was a considerable amount of excitement to [...]

By | April 10th, 2013|Categories: Biz Blog|0 Comments
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